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Planting Seed

I know this may be obvious for most of you, and maybe I'm late, but gardening is a tough job. I'm a city boy, so I'm used to going down to Home Depot or Lowes... Picking up some flowers and planting them in the garden. Then you water them and sit back and enjoy the beauty. Now a-days you can even get grass that already thick and green. But have you ever tired to get a seed to grow from scratch? here is a lot that comes into play.. The time of the year, weather, temperature, sunlight, shade. so I'm trying to get some grass to grow in our little lawn behind and on the side of the church. all along I'm thinking of the Scripture-
 1 Corinthians 3:6  I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.
After tilling the soil, throwing down some seed and watering it.. my job was not quit done, but it was still limited. all I could do from that point was to water the seed and hope it had fallen on good ground. The directions were to water it every day for one week…

Last weekend


A soft launch

A business started -kind of- on a whim.
   I've always wanted to run my own business and i always knew that it would have something to do with video or pictures. So here we go. The soft launch for Camelot Knight Productions. A name that is very corny. I think it was the brain child of a young nappy-headed high schooler who had dreams of being a star behind the scenes. Let's see I've wanted to direct or produce commercials, I've wanted to be a producer, I've wanted to take picutres. So, now i'm taking pictures

Cherry blossoms Wooster Square

Take a look at this... as we say in the business. Took some shots the other day in New Haven's Wooster Square... a small area which like Washington D.C. has a lot of these Cherry Blossom trees. A beautiful Sight. You almost can't take a bad picture here.