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Fall Foliage- Not peak yet

     I guess I'm kind of a leaf peeper. I grew a great appreciation for the Autumn colors while I was Living in Florida. You don't really get a changing of the seasons there. Connecticut on the other hand gets an amazing array of colors every year. I'm pretty sure their leaf peeping season is done by now.. but here in North Carolina its just beginning to pop. I'll get out in the next couple of days and get some more of these beautiful colors.

Belated Birthday pictures - From 10/12

    My little buddy is definitely a big boy now. Ethan Just turned 7. Here are some pictures from his Birthday. We had the kids make funny faces if they wanted to.. then we printed those pictures for them to make some fun picture frames. I think it was a fun memorable surprise for him.

Porsche Auto Show at the Art Museum

So, I'm finally back to taking pictures again. It's funny.. because I didn't even tap the shutter button on my camera for one month. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, .... but because I was spending less time processing photos on my slow computer.. I didn't have more time with my family. Anyway this weekend I went to a car show. A Porsche Show at the NC Museum of Art. It was pretty awesome talking with some of the owners... dragging my son around.. and oh yes.. Daisey came out with me too. Here are some of my shots! enjoy.

Running For my Health, and I Love it

So, a couple of weeks ago, I finished my first 5K race in 7 years. Earlier this year I set out to get back in shape after years of self-body neglect. At the time, I blamed it on lack of time, a busy lifestyle, church, work schedule, home demands and more. Now there's no room for excuses. I'm well on to running at least three times a week.Since running the "Run to RNCC 5K" I've upped my running distance from a mile each time to two miles. I really should have documented my journey more this summer. Here are some of the things that I discovered about myself.     Number one, I was slow. I could barely run a mile in less than 10 minutes... and that was wen I was only running one mile. Now I'm down to running a mile in the eight minute range. Sometimes my first mile is in the seven minute range. If I run with my dog -Daisey- It's a little slower as you can imagine (because of bathroom breaks and other dogs.)            The second thing that I discovered