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Pullen Park: A Diamond in the Ruff

 Ok, So Pullen Park may be the best part that I've ever been to. That's saying a lot. But this park -- while it may be down the street from a prison.. and bordering a college campus-- is awesome. I've been to a lot of parks with Ethan. I've never seen his eyes light up so much for a park like it did for this one. Then I found out how much it costs-- and I was happy.       To give you an idea, there is a working train, carousel, playscape for the kids and my favorite-- paddle boats. I haven't seen paddle boats at a park in a very very long time. So maybe it was half excitement, half nostalgia for me. But, you can't beat one dollar tickets for train and carousel rides. Six dollars is even understandable for the paddle boats. Oh, and I forgot they also have kiddie boats. I can't believe I've been here for four weeks and I'm just now discovering this gem. I hope you enjoy the pictures. By the way this is also an awesome place for a photo-shoot.

Nutmeg State Nationals- October 2012

    Here are some pictures from Bashta's Nutmeg State Nationals 2012. It was a huge turnout with some great martial artists. Most of this was shot with a canon kit lens and a 70-300mm lens. I'll be hoping to upgrade those really soon. I'll do another post with the board breaking shots soon.        If you can't get enough of these pictures check out this flickr slideshow.

Should Have Posted These A While Ago!

North Carolina State Fair The Yates Mill

Trains are Better than Buses and Planes, Maybe

       Okay so you can tell from the title of this post what I'm talking about. Anyone who has ever complained about traveling by airplane with kids, not having enough leg room, snacks, drinks, or TSA checkpoints hasn't had to travel by bus in the last decade.... I promise you!      Recently, I took a bus from Raleigh to New York City where I boarded a taxi to the train station and on to New Haven. It was a long 10 hours. I don't know how some people do that on a regular basis. I think I need like a 2 to three month window between bus trips... if it's even necessary.       Bus trips compared to plane trips.... Let's see what's a good comparison. How about McDonald's and Five Guys or Honda and Harley (sorry I know nothing about bikes.)  I have nothing against bus companies. They do a fine job at what they do. So, I won't name any company names in this post. I'm not even mad at any particular portion of the trip. Sure the leg room was non-existent,

A Walk in the Park (NOT)

      So, I admit that I have a problem. I've gotten into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere. No, I'm not talking about my iPhone... I'm carrying this huge DSLR around with me. I'm still a little inconspicuous because I don't have one of those professional "L" lenses (the big long white ones with the red ring.) So, here's a few reasons why I'm lugging it around.     1. I'm Crazy     2. I want to be prepared if I want or need to take a picture     3. Networking,        The problem (or benefit) to lugging this camera around with me all the time is that I'm always thinking about what I could capture in the lens. So, a walk in the park isn't just a walk in the park any more. It's a photo-op for anything, everyone and at any moment. I pick on the park because there are times and places when I have to leave the thing behind (malls, schools, hospitals, church -- well sometimes.) The main reason -not listed above- is tha