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Let the Car Shows begin! Lake Wheeler, Raleigh

Some guys look forward to the next baseball, football or basketball game... I look forward to church and the next car show. I don't know what it is about cars that I like so much.
    No, I know exactly what it is. It's the sight and sound and feeling that they give you. Since I don't have my own, I'll have to live vicariously through other car owners.. capturing their love for cars. To keep it 100% with y'all, ... if I had a classic car, i don't think I'd be one of the car owners that goes to a car show to show off my car, but i would drive my classic... "heavy chevy" out there. Anyway, those are just dreams right now.
      So, this is my trip to the Fun in The Sun charity car show put on by Corvettes International in Raleigh. It was held at Lake Wheeler Park. You don't see the lake in any of these pictures but trust me its a beautiful park.

Random Shots with Creative Vignetting

I got to playing around with Photoshop last week and found an easy way to ad vignette to pictures. Here's a couple of shots that I played with. It's pretty cool. I don't want to overuse it... because it can get cheesy and cliche' after a while. Plus, some photographer buy more expensive "glass" to prevent, avoid or minimize vignetting.

Back in the Azalea Gardens with the Family


Car and Bike show with II DM at Rim Tyme in Durham

What a way to start the Car & Bike show season. I took my son to Durham for this car show at Rim Tyme set up by II D M. Thanks to Kendra for inviting me and my little ol' camera out. We had a blast.. and I singed up for the Bone Marrow registry. I didn't know it'd be so simple.