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Can't Tune out

Just about every month, there is a story in some state across the nation that has horror movie written all over it. Details you wouldn't want your 4,5,6 year old to know about until he or she doubles or triples their age. Details that are consumed and spit out by news agencies and their top tier reporters. But every once in a while.. if you have a heart... you reach the point when enough is enough. For most people the relief comes at the end of a remote control. But for the families impacted by those stories the horror lives on. The Police officers gathering evidence and searching for a how and why... a different kind of nightmare lurks and lingers for them. i pray for them. I pray for their hearts and minds that God give them strength, courage, peace and healing in their darkest hour. i think we got a glimpse into that horror this week.. when police dispatch tapes and 911 calls were released in the Manchester shooting rampage.This was a time when the pictures were faded out by the