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FAMU vs BCC the Florida Classic 2013 in Orlando

I was cautiously excited to return to Florida this past weekend for the Florida Classic. The only big instate HBCU Football Rivalry. The game draws Rattlers and Wildcats from across the country - and Florida back home for one weekend.  I say I was cautiously optimistic because there has been a lot of negativity in the headlines concerning FAMU - my Alma Mater.
      FAMU's marching 100 was suspended after the death of one of its members in the middle of a hazing scandal. Plus the Football team has suffered through a tough season with a brand new -all though well qualified --coaching staff.

BossBehavior Clothing Photoshoot

Here's a couple of shots from my recent photoshoot with BossBehavior clothing.

The NC State Fair (a little late)

The last time we went to the state fair we felt like we didn't get to experience the whole thing... and that's because we didn't. Last year, we went on a couple of rides, shared a huge turkey leg and went home. This time around we tried to allow more time to experience the fair -- roughly four hours. It still wasn't enough time. But we did get to experience more than just the rides and food this time.

 There were beautiful gardens....

fall foliage beauty! Look at this!


More Fall Foliage, part 2

I told you that I love fall foliage... here's some more.