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How to salvage a terrible run: Last night was bad

Last night was my worst run in a long time. Raise your hand, clap three times and stomp your feet if any one of these have destroyed your run.      1. Flat tire-      2. Location      3. Vacation      4. Timing      5. Distance discrepancies      6. Humidity and gadgets      7. Darkness      8. Confusing app      9. Frozen phone      10. Neighborhood Watch Well I had them all. I'm thankful that I didn't have an injury or Stomach issues.    But here's what happened. Some are self explanatory.       1. So, I was supposed to do a morning run but instead spent that time changing a flat tire on the rental and swapping it out for a different car.       2. Location: We can thank mass shootings for making it hard to find a safe place to do a track workout in some states or communities. Here in Cape Coral, FL all of the high schools with a track are surrounded by a fence. I Passed one today that had Teacher's cars inside the fence and the fence/gate was closed wi