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Saying goodbye to a running partner #smh

So it's time to send one of my closest running buddies off into retirement. It's not a forced retirement. There was no injury. We've run in the heat, in the rain, in the cold, ice and snow. We've run at night,.. In the morning... And for what seemed like all day long. Sorry about that time you got soaked in that puddle. Because of this running buddy, I never suffered shin splints... Although I do have a black toe ( we won't talk about that one) I'm afraid it is just that time. My shoes have put it more than 400 miles on the streets, trails and road races over the past ten months.   Now it's time to take a back seat to the next generation of running shoe. Retirement will hopefully be a little easier for this pair of shoes. I plan to take them out to walk the dog, walks in the mall, Ethan's sports practices and maybe the occasional road trip.      So, how did I pick my replacement pair of running shoes?-- Well, it wasn't hard. I picked my old pair t

The soccer experiment is done : The Shark Dragons

Ethan has completed his first season of soccer. Well, to be fair it wasn't anything too intense. It's a program set up by the local YMCA to expose kids to the sport. they practice one day a week and play one game on the weekend. I think it's a good program-- not only for busy kids, but for busy parents. It prevents all that after-school hustle and bustle with homework, dinner, showers and sleep. Kids at this age are sponges. They'll soak up all the information that they can get. But not all children have focus, drive or competitiveness that they really need for the sport. For them, it's really just structured play time-- which is completely fine. BTW- Shark Dragons was the name that that kids chose for their team. There was also team called Candy