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Race 13.1 Wilmington: RunSquad Road Trip

    If you've been following along, Charlotte was a really bad race for me. It was the low point in my half marathon running career. Cramps, 15 minutes off my goal pace and a painful finish. That race has been fuel for the fire within me. Every time I run, Every time I feel like skipping a workout or taking it easy on the plyo and strength workouts, I think about Charlotte. But that is now the past!      Five months and three races later, I'm back. After listening to other runners, doing research on cramping/hydration/nutrition and adding to my workout routine... I'm back.     The First Half Marathon of the year is the Race 13.1 Wilmington -- advertised as a flat fast course. Wilmington, NC is 2 hours away from my house. So, the plan was for a BMR/BGR road trip. Three guys and one girl in the Camaro with plans to crush some goals on the streets of Wilmington.       We started out on the road at around 3:00am and rolled into Wilmington's Lumina Station just befor

Organizing, Running & Travelling in 2016

Something weird happens when a runner doesn't have a race to train for. We start to take extra rest days, Shorten our long runs while still eating like we're training for an ultra-marathon. I've been there before. It's how we experience set backs in our training.       When we do have a race to train for, everything becomes focused on that one goal. Every run, shoe and clothing purchase is geared toward having a great race.        Something else completely different happens when you've set yourself up for back to back races. That's what I've done. You can almost say I'm taking my running shoes on a tour of the United States.         Last week, I was presented with the awesome opportunity to be a Rock n Blogger.      That means I can run any of the 30 rock n roll races that I want and of course take pictures and blog about it along the way.      I hit the runner's  jackpot,.. Right?     At the same time, I have a season pas