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Finally got my hands on a Camaro... steering wheel

So, everyone pretty much knows that I've been stalking Camaro's ever since they were re-released in 2009. Yes, I was at the New York International Auto show in 2008 just to see the Bumble Bee Camaro. I cheered for the scene in Transformers when the old-school Camaro (2nd generation 1970s) turned into the concept/ new Camaro. I yell out Camaro when I see one-- like the old punch buggy game back in the day.  Up until today I've only seen them on the street, on a dealer display floor or parked in a lot.  I rarely saw them on the road in Connecticut -- blame that on the weather. But here in Raleigh, they're everywhere. So, I walked myself down to the local CarMax to test drive one. I was full of confidence.  and ready to go. Keep in mind two weeks ago I was denied  a test drive at this same Carmax because the car was supposedly getting ready to be transferred to another Carmax.
     Anyway, I'll skip ahead to today's test drive. I was strictly going in for a tes…

Things I Like- Library of Congress on Flickr

OK, So for a moment I'd like to divert attention away from the pictures that I take of my family and travels. So, somehow I ran across this article in the Huffington post. I clicked on the link to the Library of Congress Flickr page and probably spent a couple of hours just looking at these n amazement. onto something that I ran across recently.   This collection has than 16-hundred images from Pre-World War II America. (clicking one of the pictures will take you to the Flickr page)
I wasn't sure what I was looking for when I opened up the Flickr Collection.. but I was amazed. I guess you can say that i love history. That might be one reason why I like to take pictures and blog. All of this becomes part of history. It's more so evident from this time period because of the amount of pictures that were taken.

Today we can take a picture with our phone, DSLR, compact camera, iPad, or Computer and post them instantly for everyone to see. There is something more mysterio…