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How to salvage a terrible run: Last night was bad

Last night was my worst run in a long time. Raise your hand, clap three times and stomp your feet if any one of these have destroyed your run.      1. Flat tire-      2. Location      3. Vacation      4. Timing      5. Distance discrepancies      6. Humidity and gadgets      7. Darkness      8. Confusing app      9. Frozen phone      10. Neighborhood Watch Well I had them all. I'm thankful that I didn't have an injury or Stomach issues.    But here's what happened. Some are self explanatory.       1. So, I was supposed to do a morning run but instead spent that time changing a flat tire on the rental and swapping it out for a different car.       2. Location: We can thank mass shootings for making it hard to find a safe place to do a track workout in some states or communities. Here in Cape Coral, FL all of the high schools with a track are surrounded by a fence. I Passed one today that had Teacher's cars inside the fence and the fence/gate was closed wi

Skinny Turkey Half marathathon 2016 my 15 race this year

  Half marathon number 15 for 2016 is done. When I looked at all of the possible races for 2016 one year ago and wrote them all down on my white board,... my ankles started to sweat with nervousness. I wasn't sure if I'd get it done, If I'd have enough time to train or if I'd get hurt. But Here I am. I'm stronger, smarter (run I.Q) and I'm ready for 2017. Here's my list for 2016. I may have one more race before the year ends (Duram Race 13.1,... But I may also have a scheduling conflict.) Race 13.1 Wilmington Rock n roll DC ROCK N Roll Raleigh Rock n roll Nashville Race 13.1 Knoxville Race 13.1 Richmond Race 13.1 Raleigh Full Rock n Roll Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Philadelphia Race 13.1 Greensboro Hillsborough historic half Race 13.1 Charlotte* Race 13.1 Fayetteville Rock n roll Savannah Skinny Turkey half     You can ask my family. I feel like I've always been the guy wanting to downsize Thanksgiving. Less food more fun, mo

Rock n Roll Savannah Fast 5k and a Missed Opportunity

Last race review, and I'm all caught up... and we go to the Rock n Roll Savannah 5k and  one mile fun run. This was a really cool race last year my wife, her sister and Ethan ran this race. Well,.. Ethan ran the kids fun run and my wife and her sister ran their first 5k.  This years race course was changed quiet a bit and the changes were great. Last year we ran through a nearby neighborhood and a small portion of the run was on a narrow dirt trail. Well, maybe there was some gravel or pavement,.. but I just remember running in the grass a lot to get around people (serves me right for trying to start in the back with my family. )  Anyway this year the race took us through a pretty nice neighborhood with attractive home, manicured lawns and all those oak tree dressed in Spanish moss. Pause for a moment and go back to the beginning when I almost didn't make the race. I got stuck in traffic coming from Bluffton, SC.  There was a very minor crash -- no one hurt, but

Rock n Roll Savannah 2017

I'm almost caught up on my Fall Race reviews.. and I found myself back in Savannah Georgia for the annual Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon and Half Marathon. I think I've said this before, but I love going to the Rock N Roll Health Expos. For the 3rd time this season, I stopped off at the Toyota test drive booth to get a $10 Brooks gift card. you also had the option of getting a Starbucks or Whole Foods Gift card. But, I already had two Toyota Brooks Gift cards from other cities, so you already know what I'm here for. The only thing-- you can't use the Brooks Gift card for shoes.  I went to the health expo this year with my mom. She's really the reason why I travel to Savannah each year. She lives nearby.. and she actually liked the Prius. My test driver instructed me to punch the gas and slam on the breaks. He wanted to show off the power of the  --brace yourself-- Minivan. Yes, I test drove a minivan. I still say I'll never drive a minivan... unless you di