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Outside the City limits - forgotten photos

   Here's a couple of shots that I forgot to post from Last week. I call it outside the city limits because I was on my way to Creedmoor to scout a location for a shoot and stopped along the road. This wasn't in Raleigh and I hadn't seen the Creedmoor sign -- thus (my favorite word) Outside the City Limits. Maybe it'll be a running series. I always see rundown/old looking buildings and barns that I want to take pictures of whenever  I leave the "city limits."      I have to admit some nerves though. There was one home along this road that i could clearly see an old-old-old car tucked away in a barn. That would be my dream, to pick up a classic car for a couple hundred bucks and spend a couple of years fixing it up with EJ. Anyway, I didn't get a picture of that house because I'm seriously afraid of coming face to face with the barrel of a gun when I go "outside the city limits". Peace, Enjoy.

Saint Augustine's University

    Saint Augustine's was founded in 1867 by the Episcopal Church to educate black teachers.     I'm told that the University chapel was built in the Gothic Revival style.. with stones quarries by the school's first students.      Also located on the campus is the shell of the St. Agnes Hospital and Training School for Nurses.     It was built to provide care for and by African Americans living in the community.      

Kenya "RRSum Serious"