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Things I won't miss about apartment living

I have lived with, under, over, and next to complete strangers for the past 16 years. Since 1998 I have lived in various forms of dormitories, apartments and condos. Some of those strangers have become good friends. But, for the most part, apartment living stinks. And I am thankful for it. I thankful that it was nice enough to live in... but just annoying enough to push us to want more for our family and our future .       The home we're living in right now is a prayer answered, a mountain moved, a door opened ...and a way where there seemed to be no way.       I wasn't easy. In fact it took us ten years to get here. Yes we made our share of mistakes. We suffered loss when we thought we would win, but we never gave up on faith, on hope and God's promise for our lives.  We learned trust, dedication, determination and perseverance.       I also learned about how detrimental bad debt can be... And how beneficial good debt is. In some ways, debt is very similar