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what have we been up to... busy.

Released some butterflies at my son's last day of school Took in some Urban Art from a French Artist in New Haven Went on a train ride went to some car shows Add caption And took in the scenery in New York City

Another decade has gone by

I look good for my first Birthday, huh? Say cheese! Three Oh, the Big three Oh, Thirty , 30, they say it's the new Twenty , right? RIGHT? Well, how ever you want to put it.. It's coming. Not only has another year gone by, but a whole decade has gone by. That leaves me taking a glimpse back at the past and thinking about my future. It really didn't bother me until about a month ago and  even now it doesn't really other me. I just want to make sure this is clear. I am thankful to God for keeping me this far. I just hope and pray I'll be able to walk in his will and fulfill his Divine purpose for my life.     30 is a pretty big milestone. I'm pretty much middle aged right now. Seems kinda weird to say. But according to " Men's health magazine ", as an African American male, I'm only expected to live to be 69.7. So midlife crisis here I come (j/k). I at least need to schedule a doctor's visit soon.     So let's think back: Ten years a