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At the Airport


CLG State Assembly: Pre-Musical

Pictures from the Church of the Living God, Southern New England Diocese's Pre-musical for our state Assembly. Glory & Honor Embrassing the King.

Heav'nly Donuts Cruise Night July (part 2) What is it?

To me, this is the original smart car (before A/C, seat belts, air bags and disc brakes were considered smart). The only reason I put it in the smart car category is because --- look at how much room is inside. Don't gain any weight, because this car will quickly become a one seater. To save room (and to make it feasible for a driver to get in) there is only one door on the bad boy -- on the passenger's side. If there were a door on the other side, you literally wouldn't be able to get your body past the steering wheel and into the seat--- physically impossible.