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At the Airport


CLG State Assembly: Pre-Musical

      Pictures from the Church of the Living God, Southern New England Diocese's Pre-musical for our state Assembly. Glory & Honor Embrassing the King.

Heav'nly Donuts Cruise Night July (part 2) What is it?

       So, do you see how intently these young gentlemen are look at this teeny-tiny automobile from another era? I've looked and looked and looked, and I'm still not sure exactly what this thing is. I'm told they call these bicycle cars because of the teeny tiny wheels this thing rolls around on. The hood ornament lead me down a road toward Spyker, but that was a dead end (as far as I know.) So, I'm open to suggestions. What Is it?      To me, this is the original smart car (before A/C, seat belts, air bags and disc brakes were considered smart). The only reason I put it in the smart car category is because --- look at how much room is inside. Don't gain any weight, because this car will quickly become a one seater. To save room (and to make it feasible for a driver to get in) there is only one door on the bad boy -- on the passenger's side. If there were a door on the other side, you literally wouldn't be able to get your body past the steering wheel and i