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Wireless/Bluetooth Heaphone Review: SHO3D from

note: The review below was written about a month before this post   I have a half marathon race in ten days and I have to decide between two wireless headphones. I just got these in the mail yesterday-- and they're great. But can they hold up to two hours of running on a hot April day? We'll see.  Start with the box-- packaging is apple-esque      When you open the iPhone box you immediately see the product. I like that. Then all of the components are neatly packaged beneath it.      First impression- the headphones look cool. They remind me of the in ear monitors some stars wear on stage -- except the stick out a little more.      Comes with charging cable, earbuds and silicon covers to protect from sweat and rain. -- trust me I've run with massive amounts of both.        Fit-  I fiddled with how to put them on. The wire goes over the ear and around the head. It feels pretty secure even though the wire hovers above my ear. I'll keep playing

Rock N Roll Raleigh: from training to race day

I haven't written a blog in a long time. a lot of extra time is now taken up by running, family, work and  -- you know sleep. But, here's a video and some pictures from my last Half marathon. I've been sick this week, but I'm ready to get back out on the road and run/train for the next race.

The Baby Birds have hatched