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Longest Run Since my 1st marathon: A 21 mile journey

For runners, Monday's are usually set aside for the ultimate humble-brag: MedalMonday. I've done quite a few of those. Today is also Motivation Monday. I want to talk about all the things that went wrong on yesterday's run. It's not a complaint track,.... or a woe is me post. This is a testament to perseverance. Never give up no matter the circumstances. It might not look pretty, but get it done.      The schedule in my training plan for the Publix Atlanta marathon in March called for a 21 mile run. So, I hook up with my Black Men Run group for a Sunday run along the Falls of Neuse trail which has plenty of room for long runs. It's a new-to-me start point in the trail so I throw on the GPS and ride out. I get a Mike from the house and realize GPS stopped working. It's an ongoing issue with my phone.      So, I click on the turn by turn directions list and keep it moving. I finally get there to realize that I've left two water bottles at home filled with Nu