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Tar Heel 10 Miler 2016

    So, I've been in the Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) for three years, but I've only been to two corners of that wonderful Triangle -- until this past weekend. About a half-dozen guys in the local Black Men Run chapter  signed up for a race in Chapel Hill called the Tar Heel 10 Miler and the FleetFeet 4 Miler. I did not sign up for this race. But instead of sleeping in on a Saturday morning, I got in the car with my camera  and set my destination for Chapel Hill.     I haven't really had a reason to visit Chapel Hill until now so it was a nice experience. There was a bit of a bottleneck traffic jam heading into the city -which you can expect with any big race - but once I got past that, it was easy to find parking and a quick 10 minute walk to the start finish zone. The Organizer for the Race Toe the Line        So, the goal was really just to take pictures of my BMR (BlackMen Run) Brothers and BGR (BlackGirls Run) sisters... but I a