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Project 52: Week 4- transparency

      No video this week. Monday nights are designated for uploading my review video.  I don’t even think I was able to shoot a video of myself choosing the themes for this week.      I really wasn’t happy with what I got this weekend. I was facing a lot of time constraints, location and safety issues. I have some ideas, but I could not figure out a good location. My themes this week were “Crime and Crime Fighting”, “in the workplace” and “transparency.” The only one that I think I did a good job on was transparency.     There was a mini-ice storm here in Raleigh… so, I was able to get a lot of good shots outside and around the house. There was also a good shot of the sun shining through some leaves. I wish I could have gone to a church and shot pictures of the sun shining through stain glass windows,but I couldn’t find a location in time.      It’s kind of ironic that I stuck out on Crime and Crime Fighting …. And In the Workplace because in my field… I see a lot of crime and cr

Project 52: Week 3 Review - Circles, Contrast & Metal

So, this week's theme was easy, but at the same time it wasn't easy. Circles, Contrast and Metal are everywhere. My original thought and intention was to go around and take pictures of every metal circle that i could find... but I resisted that impulse. Why? because I would end up with just another group of so-so pictures. Instead, my ultimate goal with this project is to take pictures that are good enough to enlarge and mount on someone's wall somewhere.      So, the first pictures that I took on this theme were of a rotunda/traffic circle on NC State's Campus. There are a bunch of annoying, interesting, and well place rotunda's on this campus. I was actually standing on top of a wall at about 11:30 at night taking this picture. Unfortunately this wasn't one of those time when I was carrying my tripod with me. I would have loved to have created a longer tail-light and headline trail for this shot. Maybe I'll go back one night. To combat the unsharpn

Contrast, circles & Metal

So, it's week three of my photography challenge to myself. 52 weeks with three new themes each week. Last week I think I did 'OK' on the themes. I'd like to do a little better this time. The themes are Circles, Contrast and Metal. Right off the top of my head I can think of one place in the area that I've been where I can go and find all if these, but I don't want to take pictures in places that I've already been to to take pictures. I feel like that's cheating. I might try to find a junk yard or something. We will see how it goes. Look out for my review on Monday night.

Project 52: Week2 Colors, Long Exposures, Cooking

So, This week Ethan Helped me out. We figure out a way to randomly pick a couple of themes for each week. I'm using an app called '"Decide4U." I picked this one because it allows me to copy and paste a long list of possible themes into the list instead of manually entering each one. To be honest.. one of hte themes picked this week was actually a category instead of an actually theme.     Under the Color category there was also red, blue pink.. etc. But I wanted to be fair. I didn't want to start the drawing over.. so I stuck with it.     I've cleared out the rest of the categories. So, this week we went to South Carolina and Savannah Georgia. Both beautiful places. I haven't seen that many stars in the sky in a long time. I'm beginning to think that it wasn't neccessarily my fault that all of my star pictures were coming out bad. I need to place blame on city light pollution.  So, How did I do with Colors?     Long Expos