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A Proud Volunteer. Still A runner - Race 13.1 Durham Recap

Who writes about volunteering for a race? Nobody. All the glory, fame, pain and humble-brags come with running a race.  
    Let me tell you something- I'm really glad I decided to volunteer instead of run the Inaugural Race13.1 Durham.
     I had a lot of fun and it was really cool to see the race from a different perspective. I've volunteered once before-- well, let's call it one and s half. The first time was for the Ironman race in Raleigh  we were the snack and drink station. The second time, I volunteered to be a pacer, but my registration got overlooked. So, I got to run a race for free. This time was all 100% legit. I was a corse monitor. I was to control one intersection. Keep cars from moving while runners were passing through. If you ran this race, I was the guy with the GoPro on his head.

    The intersection after mine--- the dude didn't show up.
    I guess I've never been a spectator for a whole race. I've always gone to a race to run it. Then, I …