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Canon EF vs. EF-S Lens with an Opteka Fish-eye

So I'm still exploring my new Canon D600 (Rebel t3i). I'm trying to get to the point where all of the Lenses that I used on my old EOS 630 SLR work on the new camera. I keep running into hitches here and there. First there was the error message on 70 - 210 telephoto lens. That problem I chalked up to not only the damage that has been done to the lens over the years (one bad drop that bent the lens prevents the gears in the lens from focusing to infinity. So, I'll be using that lens on rare occasions.     The next problem that I attempt to tackle is with an opteka semi-fisheye/macro attachment lens. It screws onto the end of most lenses. I used to use it with my 50mm  1.8 EF, but when I tried to use it on this new camera the only thing that I got was super blurry pictures and a camera that had  a hard time focusing on the macro level. I originally thought I had a fungal problem in the 50mm lens. I almost cried. In fact, the originally title of this post was going to be "

Finally Fall Colors

         So, everything finally fell into place. I found a place where the colors were really showing on the trees and there was something interesting enough in front of those trees to capture in a lens.Today was a perfect day to take pictures. Here, I was able to capture the beautiful blue sky against the reds and yellows on the trees and in the tractor. Unfortunately this has been an hard year for foliage photos.. (for me anyway.) But, I still haven't made a trip up north. I might end up missing it this year. Hey, If you haven't already... hit the subscribe button, like us on Facebook , Twitter (@camknightpro & @jayklef5)  and don't miss a shutter shot!

Chic for LEAP: My long list of favorite photos

I'm just realizing that I've posted the pictures for Chic for Leap on Facebook, ut i forgot all about my blog. Here's a look at some of my favorite shots from the weekend. The rest can be purchased or viewed at  . I might have a photo-hoarding problem. Once I hit the shutter button, it's hard to hit the delete button.