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Review: QCY QY11 Wireless Earphones- It's all that I asked for in the QY8s

      The QY11s are an attempt to upgrade the QY8s that I bought and reviewed last year. When I reviewed them, I noted that the QY8s needed to change for them to compete with the QY7s including more support to keep them from bouncing. Now, it’s 2016 and these are the QY11s. They have ear hooks – like the Apple’s Powerbeats headphones but with better sound quality and battery life.     The QY8s did not control the volume on your phone. So, if you turn up your volume on your headset… you’ll get very little response if your phone volume is low. On the other hand… if your volume is all the way up it would blow your ear drums out.  The QY11s are the same. Here’s a tip: If you want more bass, turn your cell phone volume all the way up.  Then turn the headphones down a little before playing. That’ll give you the best range. In many cases I like this option.     The QY8s have amazing bass. For some reason, I feel like it’s only gotten better over the past year of listening. The Qy11s

Wireless in-ear headphone Review: MeeAudio X7 Plus

   I'm getting ready to introduce you to a brand new wireless earphone that I'm really impressed with. Let's be honest... a lot of the wireless bluetooth headphones out on the market right now are really similar... and yes that includes some of the most expensive brands like beats, Sony, jaybird and These--- MeeAudio X7s.    These are brand new headphones released within that last couple of weeks. I've been given an early look at them. My first impression wasn't great because I wasn't sure how I'd feel about having the earphone wrap around my ear. In my first test with these. I had some issues with my glasses. My glasses would fall forward on my nose... and bounce as I ran. I don't know what that problem was, because I haven't been able to duplicate it. I thought it might be because I'm used to running with a hat, so I ran without a hat. That wasn't it.         After two weeks, These have completely - in my mind - replaced my QY7s