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Race Recon: Rock n Roll Raleigh Marathon

     So, there's about one week left before Rock N Roll Raleigh Half Marathon, Marathon and 5k. I'm pretty excited. This will be my first marathon after 7 half marathons... Perfect right? I hope so. Some people wonder why I picked Raleigh to be my first full marathon. "It's so hilly," they say. But the benefits really outweigh the negatives. First, I'm running it as part of the Rock N Blog 2016 Team. So, that's cool. Plus, I get to run a race at home. I can drive to the start line and drive home. My family can come and see me cross the finish line and cheer me on. I can possibly see co-workers, friends, church family all running this race together. Plus, there's a really strong local running community full of some awesome people who have been running longer and have a higher running I.Q. than I do. So, that'll make this experience really cool.       Since this is my first marathon, ... I think I am probably pouring over the details too much. So

Previewing the Rock n Roll Raleigh 5k Course

Two weeks to go until Rock n Roll Raleigh kicks off for the third year. This year they've added a 5k to the weekend.  That means I have a chance to take home three medals. ( one for 5k, one for the marathon and one for running both races.) Because the 5k course is new, I wanted to take it for a test run first. That's the luxury of running on your home turf. It's being held entirely on the Dorothea Dix Campus. Right now, if you drive Through the campus you'll be smacked in the face by the scenic views of Downtown Raleigh... The old sweeping oak trees,... The wide open fields... And the old historic buildings. Those buildings used to house North Carolina's mental facility. Of course now it's home to a half dozen random state departments. The city of Raleigh and other local business leaders want to turn it into a 'destination park.' All of that aside, I still get a creepy vibe from the history that exudes from what is left of the mental

Rock N' Roll DC 2016 : Race Recap ( I did everything I could to mess this up)

Half Marathon Number 7: March 12, 2016 at 7:30am. Finish Time:  1:53.25 Start Location: Washington, DC - Constitution Avenue Finish: RFK Stadium/DC Armory    With Every race that I complete, I feel like I'm learning more about myself as a runner  and the cities that I run in. Chefs and foodies say you only know a city by its food. Musicians and artists say it's the music and art that defines a city. But I think you can connect with a city by running: smelling the restaurants, hearing the music, seeing the art. Then again,... Maybe Running isn't THAT deep or profound. Either way, I saw a lot more of Washington DC, this past weekend than I ever have as a tourist.     I made a lot of mistakes this weekend... but I still managed to PR,... running this race about 25 seconds faster than my last Half Marathon in Wilmington, NC.      Plan A: Get to the Health and Fitness Expo one hour before a planned meet-up with the Rock N Bloggers then link up with a college