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January's Theme is: Cold

Wings of Frost

Film vs. Digital Photography

   Technology is always evolving. If you don't keep up with it, you will get left behind. Computers are obsolete within nine months to 18 months. Cell phone companies come out with new models every six months in some cases. Automakers come out with a new model every year. In a similar way, Photography has advanced leaps and bounds since its early days. But i feel like the progress has accelerate in the last two decades.  The Canon EOS 630 is evidence of that evolution to me.       I remember my first point and shoot camera had a disposable flash. Anybody remember that? These things had a flash with 10 or 12 lights in them that basically burned out after one flash.... and smelled like a pop/cap gun had gone off. I kinda wish I could find one of those. But I'm pretty sure they don't make them any more.     My mom had an old Polaroid Camera that I thought was cool because you didn't have to take it to a store to be developed. But you still had to shake it and wait for t

Canon 30-80 4-5.6 Tear Down, Inside a broken camera lens

       So a while back, I purchased a package deal on E-bay:Two lenses for $20. I thought it was a deal that I couldn't pass up... even though the seller clearly stated that the lenses were damaged. I decided to try it. Turns out it was a horrible choice. Both lenses had problems. So, today I decided to put the two of them together and see which one is worth keeping and which one would be worth tearing apart for to see what goodies it holds inside. After a quick and scientific test. The Canon won (or lost) the contest. The canon was a really old model of lens 30 - 80 4-5.6. When I tried to take a picture with it today, I got a wonderful message from my camera that it could not communicate with my choice of lens and that I needed to clean the contacts.       So, I Cleaned the contacts.. and that didn't work. So, I took out my teeny-tiny screw driver and opened that bad boy up. I wasn't expecting to find much inside a lens this old... and I didn't. There's now Im

Fixing an Canon EOS 630's Batter Drain problem

     I don't think I'll get yelled at by too many people for this.. But I decided to take my Camera Completely apart to fix a problem inside. OK, relax -- It was my dad's 20 year old  EOS 630. It wasn't a 70D, 5D or 1DX. This camera is the very first SLR that I learned to take pictures on. So its pretty special to me. I''l probably never junk it...or sell it on EBay. So, It's been hanging around in the back of a closet somewhere collecting dust. But the digital camera age isn't the only thing that killed this camera. It's the battery drain issue. You can put a brand new 10 dollar battery in this thing.. and it'll be dead the next morning. I did some research and found a write up below on how to fix it. I also tried to record a video of the fix. This is from ...      I've shortened the directions on how to fix it just a tad.. but here you go: my camera with the latch plate off the latch plate Here's a link to

Photo of the Day: Alone in the Slum by Alessandro Bergamini

Alone in The Slum by Alessandro Bergamini

New Year, New Blog, New Website... Kinda. Hey 2014

      So, 2013 was a great year. So, I know that 2014 is going to be greater than... the last year. Let's start with what's changing on this website. Subscribers may have noticed a few emails in the middle of the night from That's because I've merged my two blog websites into one Blog. So, no longer exists. The posts will live on here on        The originally reasoning for having two websites was to have business content on one site, .. .and personal content on the other. I recently realized that I was neglecting one blog to keep up with the other and vice versa. So, we've gone through a consolidation -- everything must go HERE.        With that being said. I will still maintain my portfolio website (with an S), my facebook page, youtube page and twitter accounts. Twitter might become another area to consolidate. Some may already know that I have @CamKnightPro and @Jayklef5.