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Ethan's Yellow Belt/Green Stripe Ceremony at Master Chang's Tiger Den


Night out, Dinner entertainment, Caribe Vibe


Wheels on Academy: Cary Classic Car Show 2013

I really think that you can tell a lot about a community by the cars that they own... even if they aren't daily drivers. I'm from Connecticut where we get a lot of snow, but we also have some beautiful summers. So, you see a lot of people with front-wheel drive vehicles or four-wheel drive vehicles. I'm sure Audi and Subaru get a lot of play because they're sporty 4-wheel-drive vehicles. You see some mustangs and Camaros and BMW's, but not like in the south where you don't have to worry about having a second car to make it to work on those snowy days.
      In some communities you'll find more pick-up trucks... because that's what they use and that's what they need. But one thing I'm finding is that every community has some classic car collectors. While there is a push toward new electric cars and those that use less fossil fuel.. there's something in all of us that wants to preserve these classic cars. That's why we have so …

Re-Learning How to Play the Saxophone

It has been more than 7 years since I played my saxophone on a regular basis. Even then, I only played twice a week  for church services. Maybe you can call it the seven year itch, or maybe it's just the musician/artist within me looking for an outlet for the talent within me.... but I've decided to jump back on the  saxophone recently.
     Let's be honest, I really wasn't a piano/keyboard/organ player seven years ago.
     My testimony is that God stirred up the little gift within me when my church needed it. My father was a great organist and musician. he understood the meaning behind the notes and how to make different sounds by just changing one note in a chord.

Response to Fro Know Photo Rapid Fire Critique

Ok, first let me say that I was completely surprised when I saw Jared Polin's recent Rapid Fire Critique. I had submitted the photos at least a month earlier.. so I had completely forgotten that I had submitted the ten photos. On top of that I had just wrapped up a busy day, .. my wife had just fallen asleep.. and EJ was long gone into dreamland. So, I was sitting on the couch watching some show on the history channel, A&E or Velocity when I happened to do a random check on my phone of the latest content on Youtube. Right at the top of the page I see my picture.. and I think WHAT???!?!?          Anyway, Jared Polin is one of many awesome photographers that I watch, keep up with, and try to get tips from on YouTube.  I also subscribe to Digital Photography School through E-mail.      I do all of this in hopes that I can improve my photography. But here’s the thing-- I’ve never taken a photography class. So, I’ve never had a professional look at my work and say.. “hey, you…

Camaro cruise in Cary