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Retro Review: Nikon N2020 "For the Professional Photographer, Timing is Everything"

This Nikon N-2020 came with an awesome strap, leather case and you can see the Grandpa key chain connected to the strap.    This is my first experience with and my first review of a Nikon Camera. I used to be, but I'm not longer the type of photographer that tries to argue about which brand is better(Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, ... etc.) I don't think this is like the Nintendo/Sega video game console wars of the 80s and 90s. If I had the money and time, there's no telling what brand of camera I'd own.       There are a lot of factors for photographers - both professional and casual - to take into account. Style, ease of use, compatibility (with other lenses), low light performance, megapixels and recommendations from bloggers, friends and photographers that they admire. Your choice of camera is a very personal one.. and it is sometimes a permanent one.       Often times a camera will even outlive it's owner. As you know from some of my previous posts , m

WRAL Azalea Gardens: Part II

   Spring for Photographers is kind of like Candy on Halloween night to a kid. Kids can still get candy during the year.. but it's not as fun without the dressing up, and the whole free aspect of it. Just like those kids  Photographers can still take pictures in the winter time... in fact most take amazing pictures of snow and ice.. but for the most part.. it always feels like something is missing. Well, spring is here, and the candy -- I mean flowers - are blooming. And lets face it. It's hard to get some people to stand outside and pose for pictures in the frigid cold. Here in Raleigh there are some amazing gardens and parks for photo shoots. WRAL's Azalea gardens is right there at the top. It's pretty easy access for me, since I work there. So, here are a few more shots from the gardens. Enjoy!