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Ethan's First Day of 1st Grade

So, Ethan is back in School. He's in 1st grade. just think in 12 years we'll be doing this on the first day at Here are some of the pictures I took today and a video we recorded recapping the whole first day thing. Enjoy. 

Hot Air Balloon Festival

balloon 158a , a photo by KnightLife Photo on Flickr.      These are some picture from a hot air balloon Festival in Plainville. I found out about it through MeetUp. As I tried to explain in the video below, I've never seen a hot air balloon up close. This really turned into an awesome experience. I might be hookedo n hot air balloons even without the coming release of the Wizard of Oz prequel.  Click the Flickr link for more pictures. Click the video below for a self critique of the pictures that I took.