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A break: been a long time since i blogged

For a guy who at one point was taking about 50 pictures a day of basically nothing, it was hard to go a whole month without snapping a picture. There are a lot of reasons for the long awaited and much anticipated hiatus. Number one: computer problems. -- those are not fun in any shape or form. I'm not sure which is more important these days a car or a computer. now they are basically turning our phones into computers so...
  Speaking of cars.. another reason: car problems. on that note you may see a lot more of me trying to figure out (with help) how to fix my car. The last mechanic that looked at it was convinced that its a blown head gasket. In car lingo... that pretty bad. About as bad as not having any oil in the engine and letting it seize up. So, Pictures and video are soon to come.
another big excuse.. i mean reason for me to be absent from my own blog is that i was changing my address. How many times do i have to say that I thoroughly dislike moving. It's not about lif…

Coming of age: The iPhone

By the end of the day today, my cell phone will be faster and more advanced than my desktop & laptop put together. I've waited two years for this cell phone upgrade. The last time I bought a phone the iPhone was just being released. What did i say?... I don't need that. Its Just a phone. Touch screen?-- I can get a cheaper one.       So i got the cheaper one. and it turned out alright. This little samsung actually had a feature the iPhone didn't: video chat. although the video chat was a little clumsy. you have to take turns being the person in from of the camera because there was no front facing lens. Anyway .. no real complaints. It served its purpose. the video chat was still kinda fun and it had a touch screen (or at least that's what I kept telling myself) The one game changer: "aps." A smart phone that allows its users to keep making it smarter....     So i was forced to stalk various friends phones over the past 24 months,730 days, roughly 17,…

Underwater, sinking, drowning. & shoefetti

Over the past few years the term underwater has come to mean something brand new to me. Hold your breath for as long as you can and hope you don't drown.
   I'm not talking about bikini bottom, or pirates of the Caribbean. I'm talking about my mortgage. Like many new homeowners over the past ten years, I was chasing a dream: start a family, own my own home, cars.. and flourish in my career. I already had three out of the four, so it was time to get out from under the reins of a landlord and into my own  home. My thinking at the time was.. just get a condo, let your investment grow and then get into a house. Now looking back on the situation. Oh, how i was wrong. When you buy a condo, you aren't just purchasing your own little piece of the earth (land, home and all). You are buying into a co-operative community that may not always work the way you want it to, spend the way you want it to or when you want it to. looking back, who knew the condo was 30-40 thousand doll…

I Feel Silly

I feel sill for even writing this. I'm not even sure this will make it out of draft form. So, my young child is growing up. being influenced by the trends of the day and his friends. he like every other child his age through high school want these silly bands. sadly they weren't really on my radar until his school banned them. Parent, what is the easiest way to make a child really want something?-- tel them they can't have it. I admit I had seen them before. You can't miss them at Supermarkets and Drug stores everywhere... Then you put them on a kid like Justin Beiber and you have instant success. As a parent i was confused. because my only encounter with them was a kid in line at Wal-Mart who had two arms full of them. remember they just look like funky rubber bands when they're on your arm. Then you take them off and it goes right back to original form. Genius! whoever thought of this.. and decided to run with it is likely very rich right now. It brings back memo…

Can't Tune out

Just about every month, there is a story in some state across the nation that has horror movie written all over it. Details you wouldn't want your 4,5,6 year old to know about until he or she doubles or triples their age. Details that are consumed and spit out by news agencies and their top tier reporters. But every once in a while.. if you have a heart... you reach the point when enough is enough. For most people the relief comes at the end of a remote control. But for the families impacted by those stories the horror lives on. The Police officers gathering evidence and searching for a how and why... a different kind of nightmare lurks and lingers for them. i pray for them. I pray for their hearts and minds that God give them strength, courage, peace and healing in their darkest hour. i think we got a glimpse into that horror this week.. when police dispatch tapes and 911 calls were released in the Manchester shooting rampage.This was a time when the pictures were faded out by th…

FIsh jump out of water

attack fish

Radiator problems = Public Transportation, walking, a talk with a stranger & Drug interdiction

What a Day. I don't think I've had a day like this since college. All the frustration and running around, but without the wild parties & roommates. The story begins with the need to get my car fixed.  It's badly overheating and in need of some TLC in the radiator department.
     After going to work, and after taking Ethan to school, I take the car (shaboom) to the shop. The mechanic says take it to another shop-- a radiator specialist. By the way, this is from the same  mechanic who thought he'd fixed it yesterday. So, heading to the "specialist." He's about 3 or 4 miles away.
     Well, 45 minutes later, and two breaks to cool off the engine i finally get there. He says he can fix it. Now I have to get home. ????? Well, I have two feet right? I walk a long walk to the bus station. it was hot, but not that bad at all. again this was another time when i felt like i was back in tallahassee. It was hot, i was getting on the bus & i was having …

Giant Double Rainbow Explained- what does it mean?

2011 BMW X3

Ethan's New Bike

Top Gear Camaro Review

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Another decade has gone by

Three Oh, the Big three Oh, Thirty, 30, they say it's the new Twenty, right? RIGHT? Well, how ever you want to put it.. It's coming. Not only has another year gone by, but a whole decade has gone by. That leaves me taking a glimpse back at the past and thinking about my future. It really didn't bother me until about a month ago and  even now it doesn't really other me. I just want to make sure this is clear. I am thankful to God for keeping me this far. I just hope and pray I'll be able to walk in his will and fulfill his Divine purpose for my life.
    30 is a pretty big milestone. I'm pretty much middle aged right now. Seems kinda weird to say. But according to "Men's health magazine", as an African American male, I'm only expected to live to be 69.7. So midlife crisis here I come (j/k). I at least need to schedule a doctor's visit soon.
    So let's think back: Ten years ago I was 20. I was still in college, still carefree, and sti…

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Planting Seed

I know this may be obvious for most of you, and maybe I'm late, but gardening is a tough job. I'm a city boy, so I'm used to going down to Home Depot or Lowes... Picking up some flowers and planting them in the garden. Then you water them and sit back and enjoy the beauty. Now a-days you can even get grass that already thick and green. But have you ever tired to get a seed to grow from scratch? here is a lot that comes into play.. The time of the year, weather, temperature, sunlight, shade. so I'm trying to get some grass to grow in our little lawn behind and on the side of the church. all along I'm thinking of the Scripture-
 1 Corinthians 3:6  I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.
After tilling the soil, throwing down some seed and watering it.. my job was not quit done, but it was still limited. all I could do from that point was to water the seed and hope it had fallen on good ground. The directions were to water it every day for one week…

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