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Radiator problems = Public Transportation, walking, a talk with a stranger & Drug interdiction

       What a Day. I don't think I've had a day like this since college. All the frustration and running around, but without the wild parties & roommates. The story begins with the need to get my car fixed.  It's badly overheating and in need of some TLC in the radiator department.      After going to work, and after taking Ethan to school, I take the car (shaboom) to the shop. The mechanic says take it to another shop-- a radiator specialist. By the way, this is from the same  mechanic who thought he'd fixed it yesterday. So, heading to the "specialist." He's about 3 or 4 miles away.      Well, 45 minutes later, and two breaks to cool off the engine i finally get there. He says he can fix it. Now I have to get home. ????? Well, I have two feet right? I walk a long walk to the bus station. it was hot, but not that bad at all. again this was another time when i felt like i was back in tallahassee. It was hot, i was getting on the bus & i was havin

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