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Swan pond


How much did you pay for gas in 1983?

There's one thing I've learned about writing about gas prices all these years. Gas prices have always followed trends. In the summer you expect to pay more as demand went up. Demand goes down in the Winter. But for years, the trends from year to year remained steady and not peaking over $1.50 until after the dawn of the new millennium.

Day in and day out, as we face this current gas crisis I'm always looking for new angles. Let's be honest, we've exhausted just about every angle there. But, this is interesting to me. The Department of Energy has been keeping tabs on gas prices since 1983. Yes, I am older than this survey. Go ahead, let the old man jokes begin.

Fault me for having a short term memory, but one dollar gas prices seem like a far and away dream. I feel like I've been paying $2 and $3 for gas forever now.

But, really when you look at this chart we have had it good for years. Some how even with summer and winter driving and pricing tre…

Wooster Square, East Rock Park

Here's a few shots from yesterday around New Haven. It starts our in Wooster Square where the cherry blossoms are blooming. There's one street that is always spectacular. I wound up at East rock Park. An amazing day in the City!

Out and About Thursday

I think Photography relaxes me. Here's a few shots from yesterday around New Haven. It starts our in Wooster Square where the cherry blossoms are blooming. There's one street that is always spectacular. I wound up at East rock Park. An amazing day in the City!

The park with EJ


East Rock Park

I found New Haven's East Rock Park this weekend. It was my first time there. It was chilly and windy. EJ wanted to stay in the car... So, I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I wanted. But I will be Back. You might notice the shoes in the pictures. I'm not bold enough to rock that at church on Sunday. That was a relaxed Sunday Look.

Conversing with Chuck Taylors (cons)

Can you believe that I've never worn a pair of converse. This is introduction to chucks. I've had some konverse or chuck berries... But not the real deal. I immediately noticed how comfortable they are. No wonder they are so popular. Yet another fad I'm way behind on. I'm not really sure how I'm going to wear them. I'm not the kind of guy that matches his shoes up with every outfit. So, I'll be doing some research and maybe some posting on the chuck styles I figure out. If it works out, I'll be getting another pair ( and on for EJ.) Another thing I noticed was the sued on the bottom. I wish I knew why they did that.

2012 Lexus LFA Road Trip: LFA vs. GT-R

That's just cool. The GT-R is still king huh?

I got "gas"... I mean petrol

view full image What can you say about gas prices that hasn't already been said. They are high, going higher and they have an impact on everything. So buckle up and get used to the view from here.

Bowling Ball vs. iPad (with and without protection)

If I (or my wife) ever get an iPad this might just be the protection I get. Especially after what happened to my laptop. It's made by a company called G-Form. What happened to my laptop you ask. Well, first let me say kids will be kids. Things can be replaced and fixed, but family moments are irreplaceable.

Product Review: Cowboy Studio

I'm just one guy with a very small blog with a few views a day, but I have to say something about this product I recently bought (and not because anyone is paying me to do so.) I actually thought about not really saying anything about it at all. It seemed kinda cheesy, but people do it all the time with the iPhone,  cameras, gaming systems, ... etc. As a disclaimer I've never used another type of mobile studio. For what it's worth, this Cowboy Studio continuous lighting kit can really take your pictures from looking like a Polaroid or Kodak camera shot to a professional grade glamor shot.

My First Car Show-- of the year

Not much to say about this Post. I'm just crazy about cars. Not in a salivating way or in any kind of way that would get me in trouble with the law, but I do appreciate a fast, clean, mix of metal, glass, plastic and leather that also sounds good and looks good. Thank God for Ethan, because he usually tags along with me. That helps me look less like a crazy old guy and more like a good father indulging my son's passion.

New Betta Fish

Don't adjust the color on your computer screen, hand-held device or TV... Our red Beta fish is now blue. Well,kinda.... The red one didn't make it. We had two beta fish. As you probably know, they can't live in the same tank or they'll fight. 

The Hawks are Out!

It must be spring because the hawk is out. Mohawks are back in style. They have been for about a year i guess, but i'm finally jumping into this bandwagon. I weighed a lot of options before going under the barber's razor.

Cute Pictures: Photo Shoot at Home

Trying out some New Photo Studio Equipment- Maybe I'll do a review later- Peace!

Random Mural in NH - Believe in People

An Interesting  mural in New Haven.  Apparently, its the work of a local artist and the subject here is Anne Frank. check that article out here