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A Proud Volunteer. Still A runner - Race 13.1 Durham Recap

Who writes about volunteering for a race? Nobody. All the glory, fame, pain and humble-brags come with running a race.  
    Let me tell you something- I'm really glad I decided to volunteer instead of run the Inaugural Race13.1 Durham.
     I had a lot of fun and it was really cool to see the race from a different perspective. I've volunteered once before-- well, let's call it one and s half. The first time was for the Ironman race in Raleigh  we were the snack and drink station. The second time, I volunteered to be a pacer, but my registration got overlooked. So, I got to run a race for free. This time was all 100% legit. I was a corse monitor. I was to control one intersection. Keep cars from moving while runners were passing through. If you ran this race, I was the guy with the GoPro on his head.

    The intersection after mine--- the dude didn't show up.
    I guess I've never been a spectator for a whole race. I've always gone to a race to run it. Then, I …

Christmas Tree Lighting: North Hills Raleigh

Here are some pictures from the 2015 Christmas tree lighting at North Hills Shopping Center in Raleigh. It was a beautiful night. It was nice and war.. but there was still snow. They set up a snow sledding shute for the kids... and some big kids. We got there a little late for the lighting. but that's okay. A lot of people were there and if you had the patience to wait it out, the lines were shorter later in the night.

Raleigh's Christmas Parade 2015

This post is a little pastdue...  Well it's at least a two weeks overdue, but It's been a little busy around here. These pictures are from the Raleigh Christmas Parade 2016 presented by ShopLocal Raleigh and WRAL-tv. SO, it's kind of fitting that I'm posting this on Small Business Saturday Right? I hope you enjoy. Here's something that I can reveal about myself. I love parades. I feel like it is the heart of a community on display -- for better or for worse. ,  I enjoyed Shaw University's Marching Band, The Helping Hand Mission Band, the cars, the bikes, the mascots and the clowns. Darth Vader was out there with a candy cane light saber.  There was an elderly urban cowboy doing summersaults or tumbles or something. Of course this is North Carolina... so, there were tractors and beauty pageant girls. Then Finally Santa came along... riding high with Mrs. Clause ... Again, Enjoy.