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Knights at the North Carolina Zoo

I recently took the kids to the North Carolina Zoo. It was perfect timing: right after traditional calendar students returned to school and at the end of Summer... when walking around outside is not a big deal. No matter how many times you go to the zoo, It's almost always like seeing these animals for the first time. You can watch TV, download amazing pictures... but being able to see these massive animals in a habitat... with nothing separating them from you but some glass... is pretty awesome. We walked forever. But we took our time getting through the zoo. Subsequently, we ran out of time and didn't get to see the elephants. Yes, we ran out of time. We were on one side of the zoo looking at the bears.. when I hear one of the visitors say to her son... "but we only have 20 minutes left." That's when the light turned on in my head. Right, the zoo closes at 5:00pm. So, we booked it to the other side of the zoo. Yes-- from one side to the other.. and out to our c…