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In Raleigh for Rock and Roll? Here’s what you can do


Rock n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon REcon 2018 edition

   Alright, So we are just a few days away from the last running of Rock n Roll Raleigh. A couple of years ago, I did a race recon to spot out all of the hills and notable scenery that runners can and should look for.     I've run this race every year and every year, they've tweaked something about the course whether it be the start line or the finish line.    There are some big changes this year.    1. No marathon.    2. The Half Marathon course is different but only in a few locations    3. Fewer Hills. So, it could be a PR race for some runners.           The first 5 miles are pretty familiar.  The start line is on Fayetteville street. Then you make your way up hill to get to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and you'll pass the big Globe. You can't miss it. You'll want to look for photographers in this area. That's less than a mile in, so your legs will be fresh.      After you hit one mile, you'll turn onto Person street and pass the Governo

Has it really been that long?

    How have you been? I’m doing well now, but it wasn’t always that way. One of my running friends recently called me out. She told me that I had been "in a funk." I guess she was right. I’m out of it now. But for a good 6 months, running was my best friend and worst enemy. I got injured. Then I pursued a series of goals that were physically beyond reach. I masked my feelings. I suffered through those failures and found it hard to celebrate anyone else’s success. I always want to be fast. I want to be the guy out front that people chase or measure themselves against. Imagine yourself steadily improving, chasing goals, achieving... then suddenly those same goals are no longer attainable. That’s when I fell into a funk.       How did I emerge from that funk? That’s what this post is all about. It’s not pretty. It’s not my normal post race celebration post or pre-race prep post. These are the things that go through a runner’s head and what I learned. I hope it makes me a