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Race Recap: Rock n Roll Philadelphia 5k & 13.1 2016

        There's a lot to squeeze into this race review: a hostel, a shooting, two races, no sleep and 5 medals. Epic ( or some other overly abused word that has become a cliche'.)        This past weekend is proof that every race weekend is not created equal. Rock n Roll Philadelphia was really cool for me. First of all, I've never vacationed in Philadelphia. I have family from the area.  My grandfather grew up running from the rainbow skinners. We used to drive down from Connecticut for church conventions but I don't ever remember spending time downtown or sightseeing. I got that this time.      The plan was to run two races and take home 5 medals, meet up with some college friends, and meet a bunch of friends from Facebook, Instagram, BlackMenRun and WeRunSocial.       I made my travel plans late,.. but I wasn't completely out of options. I found a hostel to stay in. That's not a typo. A hostel has dormitory style living quarters with bunk beds in a r

Party with a Hurricane: My Rock N Roll Virginia Beach experience

   This was my first race since the allergic reaction that sent me to th ER in early August. That episode was quickly followed by a blot clot in my arm. August was tough for this runner. Rock n' Roll Virginia Beach actually wound up being my longest run in the past 2 months. I was cleared to run by two doctors and I haven't had any issues in two weeks.        So, let's start with the obvious elephant in the room. Yup, the one that spun its way from the Gulf of Mexico through the Florida panhandle (woo-hoo -- FAMU & Tallahassee & Carraballe Island), then across Georgia and North Carolina to make for a messy race weekend for more than 6 thousand people. I'm talkin' about Hermine! It was a Hurricane, then a tropical storm.. then a hurricane again. Either way, I wasn't really up for another white-knuckle 3 hour drive. So, I took the timely advice from the race directors and stayed my butt home Friday night.       Rock n Roll race advice (p