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It's official. I just beat Oprah! Diddy you're next.

I ran my 3rd Marathon on Sunday April 2nd in the 4th annual Rock n Roll Raleigh Marathon. Like comfort food, a warm quilt or a familiar accent, this race is home to me. I've run this race 4 years in a row. It was My first half marathon race. It was My first marathon race. And I think each time I've run this race it has been a PR or a first. This PR 4:25.04 and it was a blast.         It may be the same hills every year, but the sights and sounds are new. 
      Raleigh is a changing and growing city.... not unlike other metropolitan areas around the country. There are sections of the course that will have brand new views one year later. Fayetteville Street has a new skyscraper, new developments are going in on Davie street, Hillsborough street is getting a complete makeover and looks much more like a college hub, and Moore square will soon get one of those nice makeovers. At the same time, all of the sights that we love are still there. The huge globe outside the North Caro…