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A break: been a long time since i blogged

For a guy who at one point was taking about 50 pictures a day of basically nothing, it was hard to go a whole month without snapping a picture. There are a lot of reasons for the long awaited and much anticipated hiatus. Number one: computer problems. -- those are not fun in any shape or form. I'm not sure which is more important these days a car or a computer. now they are basically turning our phones into computers so...   Speaking of cars.. another reason: car problems. on that note you may see a lot more of me trying to figure out (with help) how to fix my car. The last mechanic that looked at it was convinced that its a blown head gasket. In car lingo... that pretty bad. About as bad as not having any oil in the engine and letting it seize up. So, Pictures and video are soon to come. another big excuse.. i mean reason for me to be absent from my own blog is that i was changing my address. How many times do i have to say that I thoroughly dislike moving. It's not about li