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Saying So-long to News8, It's be a long seven years (tear)

So, today I began to close a chapter of my life and move into another. I'm no longer a producer at WTNH News8 because the family and I are moving from Connecticut to North Carolina. Like most people my age, I've had a lot of jobs with the ambitious goal of moving up the ladder -- better pay, better jobs. Channel 8, as it used to be called is the only place of employment that I turned into a career.. .sticking and staying for a long time. Seven years is a long time no matter how you look at it. Yes, others have survived for longer.. but I feel like this is a big deal for my generation. Anyway, 7 years is more than a quarter of my life.... it's about the same amount of time I spent in Tallahassee, FL before leaving. Here's what I had to say to my co-workers on the way out the door. It is with a heavy heart that I walk off of the News 8 team at the end of the day today. I have been a part of the News 8 team for the past 7 years. First I started out as t

CT Fashion Week- Just a taste

    So, Here are a few pictures from Ct Fashion Week 2012. This isn't all of them, just a taste. A larger gallery is available here --->  You can also order prints.