Another decade has gone by

I look good for my first Birthday, huh? Say cheese!
Three Oh, the Big three Oh, Thirty, 30, they say it's the new Twenty, right? RIGHT? Well, how ever you want to put it.. It's coming. Not only has another year gone by, but a whole decade has gone by. That leaves me taking a glimpse back at the past and thinking about my future. It really didn't bother me until about a month ago and  even now it doesn't really other me. I just want to make sure this is clear. I am thankful to God for keeping me this far. I just hope and pray I'll be able to walk in his will and fulfill his Divine purpose for my life.
    30 is a pretty big milestone. I'm pretty much middle aged right now. Seems kinda weird to say. But according to "Men's health magazine", as an African American male, I'm only expected to live to be 69.7. So midlife crisis here I come (j/k). I at least need to schedule a doctor's visit soon.
    So let's think back: Ten years ago I was 20. I was still in college, still carefree, and still very goal oriented. But, all I really cared about was keeping my new/used car from breaking down, passing classes, going to church and not disappointing my parents. 10 years ago I could still call my father if and whenever i needed him. Ten years ago, I could pick up a move to any corner of the globe that i desired... take any kind of chance or leap of faith that I believed was right. 10 years ago I wasn't in Connecticut. But here I am today. 10 years later, can
I say I've grown?-- one word: yes.
    So, what has changed? My hairline is still in place. No grey hairs have popped up, but I can finally grow a beard. Yes, I can still fit into my high school jeans (In fact, some are starting to wear out.) They say you'll have more aches and pains. Well, I'm not claiming that. Although I do admit that I should exercise more often than I do.
     Ten yeas later I'm a homeowner, a father, a husband, a deacon, a minister of music, a TV news producer & college grad (go FAMU.) I had my dream Camaro. I crashed it. Now, by the grace of God,  I am alive to talk about it. I've visited the ones i love in hospitals more than I ever wanted to. I've learned how to stop complaining about the problem and pray for and seek a solution. I've learned a lot and changed a lot from reading and studying God's Word. But I still have a lot more.. i mean A LOT more room to grow. i still want to grow some better relationships with my family.
    The next question is: Am I where I wanted to be? Have I reached the goals that I set for myself when I was 20?
   Answer: Yes... and with a few surprises. I never imagined where God would take me and what he would do with me.
    So, looking ahead to the next 10 years or so.
   2020--- will I see my first grey hairs?
    Will i start my own business?
    Will I go back to school?
    Will i have more kids will I have a home with a backyard?
    Is there another location change in the future?
    I hope to be wiser, stronger.. and holding onto the Lord. I want to reach higher, dig deeper, and be better.
    P.S. there are probably a lot of things that I'm now too old for. Like pro-sports, the military, American idol &  The real world
    Here's some advice for anyone turning 30.. Don't let a group of kids.. all younger than 10 talk you into a game of freeze tag, then hide and go seek.. and sprinting (who's faster?) Of course i let them win. At least  I can still beat that age bracket... bring it on teenie boppers.


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