Radiator problems = Public Transportation, walking, a talk with a stranger & Drug interdiction

       What a Day. I don't think I've had a day like this since college. All the frustration and running around, but without the wild parties & roommates. The story begins with the need to get my car fixed.  It's badly overheating and in need of some TLC in the radiator department.
     After going to work, and after taking Ethan to school, I take the car (shaboom) to the shop. The mechanic says take it to another shop-- a radiator specialist. By the way, this is from the same  mechanic who thought he'd fixed it yesterday. So, heading to the "specialist." He's about 3 or 4 miles away.
     Well, 45 minutes later, and two breaks to cool off the engine i finally get there. He says he can fix it. Now I have to get home. ????? Well, I have two feet right? I walk a long walk to the bus station. it was hot, but not that bad at all. again this was another time when i felt like i was back in tallahassee. It was hot, i was getting on the bus & i was having car trouble. ahhh memories.
   Aside from the Bus station being "closed due to sickness," i have to say that CT Transit is on point in Meriden. So, I'm home in 10-15 minutes.
     Great, I'm on to the next thing--- sleep. That was not fun. The phone rings non-stop,... and I'm sure I  woke up one time roaming around the house looking for Ethan (he was at school.) I think i even opened the door and looked outside. whoa.Another side-note: trying to have a phone conversation while you are seriously sleep is not a good thing. But at least I don't remember what we were talking about.
     Then I ended up oversleeping my time to go pick EJ up.
     So after a major bill in fixing the car, we get something to eat and head to church. I love Friday night service in the summer. That's when we really roll up our Christian Sleeves and get dirty... taking our services out onto the streets. God is good and it does my soul well to be able to do his will. Part of it is telling someone else about Jesus. There are so many souls. The more I do it the more I love it the better I think (i hope) I'm getting at it.
      So from the bus ride to the Streets of New Haven. There are so many people who we don't stop, take the time out and listen to on a daily basis. Then we get to McDonald's and expect the cashier to be courteous. My point we only want people to be nice and talk to us when we need something from them.
    I had a long talk with a stranger today. a guy names Sly who simply, was surprised that I stopped him to give him a track (religious flier for those who don't know) If I'm going to walk like Jesus, I never want to get so caught up in what I want to do, or what I'm doing at the time.. that i can't stop and talk to a stranger about the Lord.
     But anyway onto the last piece of excitement. After picking up my car from the shop.... it was still overheating, .. so I roll up my sleeves.. and pour some more antifreeze in.. FIXED.  but i just have to test it right? I take it out for what i hope will be a short trip. I come to one red light... it turns green.. and I go. I'm thinking in my head "We're stopped at a red light and that triggers a red light challenge!!!!" Challenge passed, I'm thinking OK, now I can go home. Then I see those Red, White and Blue lights behind me.
    Officer: Do you know why I stopped you? - Me - No sir
             the light over your tag is out...  (ok add that to the list)
     Officer: License, Registration, insurance, ..
    Officer: what's that plastic in your pocket?
     Me: Oh, that's what the tracks were in.
     Officer: Track?
      Me: Yea these --- I show him the  one from the stack of tracks (religious fliers)
      Officer: Where are you coming from?
     Me; Church
     Officer: You were doing this tonight?-- referring to giving out tracks
    Me: Yes?
    Officer: where were you headed?
    Me: I was just trying to fix my car, make sure it's not overheating.
    Officer: I'm actually not looking for traffic violations I'm with the drug interdiction unit, do you have any drugs in the car or on you? can I search your car? Me-- sure
    long story now longer...... i got a warning. My license is expired.. and my car was running the whole time and didn't over heat. I got the victory hallelujah.


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