A break: been a long time since i blogged

For a guy who at one point was taking about 50 pictures a day of basically nothing, it was hard to go a whole month without snapping a picture. There are a lot of reasons for the long awaited and much anticipated hiatus. Number one: computer problems. -- those are not fun in any shape or form. I'm not sure which is more important these days a car or a computer. now they are basically turning our phones into computers so...
  Speaking of cars.. another reason: car problems. on that note you may see a lot more of me trying to figure out (with help) how to fix my car. The last mechanic that looked at it was convinced that its a blown head gasket. In car lingo... that pretty bad. About as bad as not having any oil in the engine and letting it seize up. So, Pictures and video are soon to come.
another big excuse.. i mean reason for me to be absent from my own blog is that i was changing my address. How many times do i have to say that I thoroughly dislike moving. It's not about lifting heavy things and nicking the walls on my way in or out of a place. It's all about the STUFF. It's only in boxing up , stacking, sorting a picking through your stuff do you realize how much of it is useless. I'm not a hoarder.. but wow.When it's time to let go.. let go! 
      plus i was busy with work church family...things were just moving, fast, getting used to a different kind of sleep schedule... things were just moving fast in the last month or so.
     and finally the real reason that I've been away from this computer is my new iPhone. Yes, I've come out of the PC era (partly) and into the apple age. although I've wasted a lot of time on useless games like "angry Birds" and "paper toss." i must say that apple really knows what they are doing. I mean I'm sure the other phones are duplicating, besting, and matching apples efforts. But until someone else proves me wrong .. they are the real innovators of cellphone/computer technology right now. So, until I can figure out when and how to get my "dictation dragon" working without little snippets of my chatter with Ethan... it may take some time to get this blog rolling again..  but yes a month into this phone and I'm happy. no complaints. i just really need to get a case for this thing before it drops.
 favorite apps.
 dictation dragon
angry birds
paper toss
bubble xplode
funny call
nrt movile
youversion (bible app)


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