Trip to Lime Rock Park, Playing With Motion Blur

       So, I got a chance over the weekend to take a long(long, long, long) drive up to Lime Rock park in Northwestern Connecticut. It's a track that is used for testing by  some car companies like Mazda & BMW. It also hosts some NASCAR Busch series events, The Skip Barber School of driving, Trans Am Series track races and others. This was not necessarily the ideal day to go up to Salisbury, CT. It was raining cats and dogs, there wasn't a pro event going on and I was by myself,... but I was determined to make the best out of it. This day seemed to be some kind of open track day for a Porsche Club and others. So, after initially worrying about whether i was allowed to be there or not, I rolled onto the tracks Pit Road and stepped out of my car--- about shin deep into a puddle of water. I would end up dodging puddles in order to position myself in a place to get a decent shot. This is what came out. I should have taken a picture of my shoes afterward.... but anyway, here's what I got:



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