Finally got my hands on a Camaro... steering wheel

   So, everyone pretty much knows that I've been stalking Camaro's ever since they were re-released in 2009. Yes, I was at the New York International Auto show in 2008 just to see the Bumble Bee Camaro. I cheered for the scene in Transformers when the old-school Camaro (2nd generation 1970s) turned into the concept/ new Camaro. I yell out Camaro when I see one-- like the old punch buggy game back in the day.  Up until today I've only seen them on the street, on a dealer display floor or parked in a lot.  I rarely saw them on the road in Connecticut -- blame that on the weather. But here in Raleigh, they're everywhere. So, I walked myself down to the local CarMax to test drive one. I was full of confidence.  and ready to go. Keep in mind two weeks ago I was denied  a test drive at this same Carmax because the car was supposedly getting ready to be transferred to another Carmax.
     Anyway, I'll skip ahead to today's test drive. I was strictly going in for a test drive... not to purchase today tomorrow, next week or in the Near future. That being said,  the test drive was awesome... but it could have been better. Let me tell you why. The salesperson was horrible. before we even got to the car she started with the negative comments.
      Comment one: "You don't have an NC Driver's License yet? You can't even buy a car until you get a new license."
     Comment two: "You don't have a NC License yet huh, this car's gonna be long gone by the time you get one."
    Comment three: "This car's for a little short person"
    Comment four:  "I feel like this seat is huggin me, if I had any more hips this would be too tight"
    Comment five:   " I can't fit in here"
    Comment six:   " this car has no leg room"
     Comment seven: "No head room"
     Comment eight:  " I see a lot of these cars sell, but i see them come back.. they say it's a ticket magnet"
The one good thing that she said about the car almost wasn't even a compliment about the car
      "This car seems like it has a 'LITTLE' power.
My old Camaro
    OK, I'm no expert on being a good car salesman, but essentially we are all selling something in whatever job we do... and I can tell you she was not doing a good job of selling that car. Anyway, beyond the negativity that was being thrown around in the car, she took us on the shortest lamest test drive ever. I've never, ever, EVER... been on a test drive when I didn't take the vehicle out on the highway. To that point, I'll never buy a car without taking it out on the highway.
    So did I like the car? YES
    Would I buy this car for myself? YES
        why? well all of the negatives don't really apply. I've been driving a two door car for the past 5 years.
     Was i surprised by anything? Yes
         I only drove the V6. I was surprised to see paddle shifters on the steering wheel. I was surprised at the power even though I was on local roads. I'm definitely going to wait a few months and go for another test drive. The sound was nice on this particular car. I checked under the hood and checked the exhaust and i think the person that had it before upgraded the exhaust.
    The next step is to test drive an SS.
     In the end I'm not rushing anything. I'm happy test driving the car.


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