FAMU vs BCC the Florida Classic 2013 in Orlando

         I was cautiously excited to return to Florida this past weekend for the Florida Classic. The only big instate HBCU Football Rivalry. The game draws Rattlers and Wildcats from across the country - and Florida back home for one weekend.  I say I was cautiously optimistic because there has been a lot of negativity in the headlines concerning FAMU - my Alma Mater.
      FAMU's marching 100 was suspended after the death of one of its members in the middle of a hazing scandal. Plus the Football team has suffered through a tough season with a brand new -all though well qualified --coaching staff.

     I was Optimistic - hoping to see a glimpse or glimmer of the school that I know and love.
     But Caution - worried that the changes would be too drastic.
     Who am I kidding?  I always say "change is good." If you don't adapt. If you don't change and progress -- then you fail.
      Anyway - It wasn't just nice to see so much orange and Green and black in Orlando... it was great. I've been living in the land of Blue and white (Connecticut) and Red and Black (NC State)  or Carolina Blue.
    Of course I did have to deal with some maroon and gold in the crowd - thanks wildcats.
     I was finally back. The Only thing I forgot about was the November heat.
     Unprepared - no hat to shield my eyes from the sun. Pants in stead of shorts (with temperatures hovering in the mid-80s.) So with sweat rolling down my back- along with about 35-thousand other people- I watched the game. Let me just say.. the Florida citrus Bowl had us packed in like sardines. Hips and thighs resting against hips and thighs.. knees resting on backs -- People arriving late.. trying to find their exact seat. There wasn't much room for excited outburst. Thank goodness the game didn't give me to many good reasons for outbursts.
    Halftime was another story.  There was popping, shaking, singing, dancing, green and orange smoke... then BCC's band took the field. The band was a little smaller than I remember. The sound was still precise, but not quite as loud. Anyway, it was an awesome day. I got to see Uncle Luke. I'm still not sure why he's always on the sidelines at FAMU games. Someone needs to answer that question for me. Kevin Hart showed up with Ronald McDonald. That's a little dude. But he's still hilarious and for some reason Ronald McDonald said he was making a donation to "FAMU University" - oh well.. just as long as the money gets deposited in the right place.
     I'll give it to BCC. Their band was really, really loud.. and their dancers were really-- well... they're the solid gold dancers. Enjoy the pictures.

The infamous Uncle Luke

Kevin Hart and Ronald McDonald 


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