Previewing the Rock n Roll Raleigh 5k Course

Two weeks to go until Rock n Roll Raleigh kicks off for the third year. This year they've added a 5k to the weekend.  That means I have a chance to take home three medals. ( one for 5k, one for the marathon and one for running both races.) Because the 5k course is new, I wanted to take it for a test run first. That's the luxury of running on your home turf. It's being held entirely on the Dorothea Dix Campus. Right now, if you drive Through the campus you'll be smacked in the face by the scenic views of Downtown Raleigh... The old sweeping oak trees,... The wide open fields... And the old historic buildings.

Those buildings used to house North Carolina's mental facility. Of course now it's home to a half dozen random state departments. The city of Raleigh and other local business leaders want to turn it into a 'destination park.' All of that aside, I still get a creepy vibe from the history that exudes from what is left of the mental facility, it's thousands of patients and employees.
So back to the course. To be completely transparent, I didn't start at the official starting line,.. But I can tell you that it's a slight up hill climb at the beginning and a refreshing downhill sprint with the skyline in front of you. There's one more gradual uphill climb before your final sprint to the finish.  
Dorothea Dix is a beautiful campus and it's the perfect place for a nice easy run before my first ever full marathon. 


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