How to salvage a terrible run: Last night was bad

Last night was my worst run in a long time. Raise your hand, clap three times and stomp your feet if any one of these have destroyed your run.
     1. Flat tire-
     2. Location
     3. Vacation
     4. Timing
     5. Distance discrepancies
     6. Humidity and gadgets
     7. Darkness
     8. Confusing app
     9. Frozen phone
     10. Neighborhood Watch
Well I had them all. I'm thankful that I didn't have an injury or Stomach issues.
   But here's what happened. Some are self explanatory.
      1. So, I was supposed to do a morning run but instead spent that time changing a flat tire on the rental and swapping it out for a different car.
      2. Location: We can thank mass shootings for making it hard to find a safe place to do a track workout in some states or communities. Here in Cape Coral, FL all of the high schools with a track are surrounded by a fence. I Passed one today that had Teacher's cars inside the fence and the fence/gate was closed with NO TRESPASSING signs up everywhere. To avoid causing a school lockdown,.. I kept it moving without finding a track. I even checked MapMyRun for any indication that someone nearby ran a track somewhere. Nothing. Last option-- run the street, mark the distance. This could've worked but I had electronic issues.
   3. Vacation-- places to go, people to see, things to take pictures of.
   5. Without a track I wasn't sure how I'd accurately measure 200 yards, but I came close enough and I know how to add so, I at least got the miles in.
   6 I tried but I got a little impatient with my phone, Apple Watch and the NikePlus app. I figured it out after the run. My NikePlus app froze before I could start. So, I tried to use my Watch. There is also a delay between the Watch and the app. I was supposed to be doing 11x200s. If you ever run with the series one Apple Watch you'll be frustrated to find that you don't get split times or lap times. Lap times were useless because sweat in my armband  cell phone holder kept pausing the run. It paused and started 65 times.
    7. Run at night. Take a light. Since I was running in a neighborhood (#10 neighborhood watch), I got a few curious onlookers,... a couple of curious drive-by's but I kept my headphones in. I was too confused by the app to give them any attention.  One lady came out with her dogs barking and watched from behind her backyard fence. There was a patrol car parked in her driveway, so I know what that was about. I saw a minivan pass me two or three times. The last time was slow with the high beams on.
     8. The app paused and restarted more than 65 times. It was only supposed to do it 11 times.
     Bonus: and I didn't even take a selfie.


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