Wheels on Academy: Cary Classic Car Show 2013

            I really think that you can tell a lot about a community by the cars that they own... even if they aren't daily drivers. I'm from Connecticut where we get a lot of snow, but we also have some beautiful summers. So, you see a lot of people with front-wheel drive vehicles or four-wheel drive vehicles. I'm sure Audi and Subaru get a lot of play because they're sporty 4-wheel-drive vehicles. You see some mustangs and Camaros and BMW's, but not like in the south where you don't have to worry about having a second car to make it to work on those snowy days.
      In some communities you'll find more pick-up trucks... because that's what they use and that's what they need. But one thing I'm finding is that every community has some classic car collectors. While there is a push toward new electric cars and those that use less fossil fuel.. there's something in all of us that wants to preserve these classic cars. That's why we have so many museums. Classic cars are  a piece of history that can instantly transport us back in time while stirring up old memories and dreams.

       On this particular Saturday, people put their hopes, dreams and past on display in Cary, NC. Just take a look at this Ford Model T. I talked to the owners wife who says her husband has owned this one since he was young. It had been painted red and hot-rodded when he was younger. Later, it was restored to look like it does today. Now she says they take their grandchildren for rides in it. She says one time they asked "grandma, where are the seat belts?"

     Then there are the stories of people who were chasing a dream. The owner of this yellow Chevelle says he bought this car on Ebay from someone in Iowa. But it didn't look like this when they bought it. They had to rebuild the engine, brakes, transmission, interior. Still, they were able to drive it all the way back to North Carolina in the condition that it was in.

         There was another Model T at this car show. It was one of the oldest cars there. It was the crank engine type of car. The owner, you can tell loves his car, and loves to show it off. You see him in the brown slacks and brown shirt. He scared the mess out of me. As I was taking a picture... looking through the lens, He hit the car's horn: "Ah-OOO-GAH."
   The kids love this car as well. The owner told me this car was the first year with Electric lights. It still has kerosene lanterns as an option for the headlights and tail lights.

  Yes, there was actually a working Rally car at this car show. This was the body of a 1995 Impreza with the heart (engine and transmission) of a 2005 Impreza. I think he says he races this car five or six times a year. Completely street legal. Too bad there aren't any Rally tracks in north Carolina.
          There was also this Chevy Nova owner who says this car has been in his family since it was new. It still has the original paint and engine... and it is CLEAN.

And then it started to Rain. Only a few drivers left before the downpour. Most we comfortable waiting it out. Cars were made to be driven not hidden.


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