Raleigh's Christmas Parade 2015

If you look closely, you can see Ethan.
This post is a little pastdue...  Well it's at least a two weeks overdue, but It's been a little busy around here. These pictures are from the Raleigh Christmas Parade 2016 presented by ShopLocal Raleigh and WRAL-tv. SO, it's kind of fitting that I'm posting this on Small Business Saturday Right? I hope you enjoy. Here's something that I can reveal about myself. I love parades. I feel like it is the heart of a community on display -- for better or for worse. ,  I enjoyed Shaw University's Marching Band, The Helping Hand Mission Band, the cars, the bikes, the mascots and the clowns. Darth Vader was out there with a candy cane light saber.  There was an elderly urban cowboy doing summersaults or tumbles or something. Of course this is North Carolina... so, there were tractors and beauty pageant girls. Then Finally Santa came along... riding high with Mrs. Clause ... Again, Enjoy.

Peyton on the State Capitol lawn


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