It all started with one picture

    I remember it all too well.... or at least as well as you can remember anything after running 13.1 miles. This Raleigh Rock N' Roll Marathon was really a comeback story for me. The Previous November, I suffered a high ankle sprain. I was hurt so bad that I was forced to stop running for close to two months. When I returned to it.. I fought through pain, fatigue and winter weather. But I was determined to run my second half marathon.

     Fast Forward to the day before race day. I went to packet pickup day with my son. We toured through booths.. picked up goodies. There was a little less fun and free stuff than the previous year... but I was all over one booth. The Chocolate milk booth. I remembered getting chocolate milk after my first half,.. then researching its benefits. I aced the booth test..taking home a little towel for my brain power. 
    I was happy.
     Fast forward to this picture. I had just finished with a new PR. Even though it wasn't as fast as I had hoped I was happy it was done. Then I knew what I wanted to drink first after it was all done: Chocolate Milk. (It's the healthiest and most effective way to Refuel and Recover after a hard workout.  It's better, cheaper and tastier than many sports drinks. Loaded with electrolytes, carbs and protein.) Of course I wanted to take a selfie in the Chocolate Milk finisher's lane booth... so I did and  a Young lady pulls me to the side and asks to take my picture. Of course I say YES. 

     A couple of weeks later.. I find out I'm a semi-finalist in the Built with Chocolate milk challenge. Awesome! 
    They tricked me out with some pretty cool Chocolate milk gear. 
   They can take three of their running friends with them. 
   That Vegas race is really cool. They shut down the strip at night.. and you run through the streets of Vegas. 
    I'm not sure if I'll make it to Vegas through this challenge... but I can say this. I've had fun, I've worked hard, and I will run again. Here's the Crazy part about all of this. I'll be running Rock n' Roll Savannah the weekend before Vegas. I've already signed up for that one. My family and I are making it a running weekend. I'll do the 13.1 on Saturday... then turn around and do the 5K with my wife on Sunday. My son is doing the mile. Seeing my family go after a healthy lifestyle is worth much more to me than any competition. 
        So, what I need you to do is VOTE. There's now only one way to vote -- Get on Twitter and retweet my message on @chocolate_milk +Chocoalte Milk!  everyday until September 17th. I need 50 retweets a day to get back into this competition. 
   I'll make it easy. I'll post a new link in my profile on Instagram and Twitter every day. I'll post a new link on Facebook. 
   All I need is for you to hit the little retweet box. 
     #stripatnight #builtwithchocolatemilk #buildit #rnrvegas 

Want to see @JayKnightPhotos run the Vegas #StripAtNight? Send him on his way: WATCH & RT to vote. #BuildItChallenge
— CHOCOLATE MILK (@chocolate_milk) September 1, 2015

@JayKnightPhotos needs your help! WATCH & RT to vote. He could run the Las Vegas #StripAtNight#BuildItChallenge
— CHOCOLATE MILK (@chocolate_milk) September 2, 2015

Show @JayKnightPhotos some love. WATCH & RT to vote so he can run the Las Vegas #StripAtNight#BuildItChallenge
— CHOCOLATE MILK (@chocolate_milk) September 10, 2015

Want to see @JayKnightPhotos run the Vegas #StripAtNight? Send him on his way: WATCH & RT to vote. #BuildItChallenge
— CHOCOLATE MILK (@chocolate_milk) September 11, 2015


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