Knights at the North Carolina Zoo

I recently took the kids to the North Carolina Zoo. It was perfect timing: right after traditional calendar students returned to school and at the end of Summer... when walking around outside is not a big deal. No matter how many times you go to the zoo, It's almost always like seeing these animals for the first time. You can watch TV, download amazing pictures... but being able to see these massive animals in a habitat... with nothing separating them from you but some glass... is pretty awesome. We walked forever. But we took our time getting through the zoo. Subsequently, we ran out of time and didn't get to see the elephants. Yes, we ran out of time. We were on one side of the zoo looking at the bears.. when I hear one of the visitors say to her son... "but we only have 20 minutes left." That's when the light turned on in my head. Right, the zoo closes at 5:00pm. So, we booked it to the other side of the zoo. Yes-- from one side to the other.. and out to our car. There was no way I wanted to get locked inside the zoo with two kids. I've seen night at the museum. It could've been Knights at the Zoo. Now, that's a movie I'd go see.  The highlight of the day.. I'm pretty...  sure was the Polar Bear. Here are a bunch of pictures from our visit. So, much fun.

The Lions were first on our tour. I thought they were all sleep ... and I thought there were only two until we walked around the corner a little bit
This was the only lion up for games. 

Then it was on to monkeys. I love how each zoo could almost be considered a museum with all of the sculptures and art.  

He was busy. 

The Lemurs were pretty cool. They were kind of sleeping except for this guy. We thought it was going to be trend.

This silver back gorilla was eating and no one was going to stop him. 

He looks so excited... lol

Peyton was very concerned about riding this Polar bear. and it showed. 
We also spent a lot of time in the dinosaur exhibit. The kids like the moving dino that also make sounds. Beware parents, .one of these dinosaurs also spits water at guests. It's fun stuff. The biggest time killer was the sand pit at the end where kids can search for their own fossils and stuff. 

The Alligator exhibit was kind of cool too. You kind of walk into an area that feels like a gator could pop up at any time. Then you go around a corner and BOOM, there's two huge gators sitting right next to each other. Pictures do no justice. These things were bigger than anything I've ever seen (when it comes to gators) I can't imagine being in the same water with this thing... let alone on the same street.

Sorry about the reflection of the pepsi trash can. This puma/mountain lion was staring at Peyton through the glass

Then it started to pace back and forth in front of the windown.. and it jumped on the net like it was trying to get at us. CREEPY...!!!!

The kids play area: a nice place to forget all the scare stuff we just saw.

of course, no running or jumping

hey it's Grizz from We Bear, Bears

All done!

The last car in the parking lot --- literally! -- i mean Actually the last car. No one was left but us. But it was fun and it was worth it. 


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