Review: QCY QY11 Wireless Earphones- It's all that I asked for in the QY8s

     The QY11s are an attempt to upgrade the QY8s that I bought and reviewed last year. When I reviewed them, I noted that the QY8s needed to change for them to compete with the QY7s including more support to keep them from bouncing. Now, it’s 2016 and these are the QY11s. They have ear hooks – like the Apple’s Powerbeats headphones but with better sound quality and battery life.
    The QY8s did not control the volume on your phone. So, if you turn up your volume on your headset… you’ll get very little response if your phone volume is low. On the other hand… if your volume is all the way up it would blow your ear drums out.  The QY11s are the same. Here’s a tip: If you want more bass, turn your cell phone volume all the way up.  Then turn the headphones down a little before playing. That’ll give you the best range. In many cases I like this option.
    The QY8s have amazing bass. For some reason, I feel like it’s only gotten better over the past year of listening. The Qy11s have a much fuller sound. The bass is still there, but you don’t just get bass and highs… The vocals are clear along with the the mids. It’s a great improvement over the last earphones.
  The 2016 version is built for sport, It looks like their engineers went back to the drawing board coming out with these. It is a brand new design.  With a hook that goes around the back of your ear.
    A few changes from the old headphones. The controls are no longer on the earpiece. They are on the wire. I think that helps keep the weight down on the ears and prevents bouncing.  Sound Quality, You still get amazing bass response.  They are really light weight on your ears. You don't get ear fatigue. One thing that I find with some of the ear hook designs is that they begin to hurt after prolonged use (mainly the ear fins that use the inner ear to keep the earbuds stabile.)
      Bluetooth range, is on par with most wireless headphones in this price range... at about 30 feet.     Call quality- is good. no complaints.

      Ease of Use: they are set up like most bluetooth headphones. For pairing, all you have to do is hold the button for 10 seconds when you turn it on. After you've paired it with your phone, you can just turn it on when you’re ready to use  and it'll link automatically
        These are water resistant and sweat resistant. I ran in the snow and the rain in these for two hours and there was now shorting out and no hesitation in the sound.  I really like the clasp on the charging port. Something about it gives me confidence that is closes tightly  and it's still easy to open at the same time.
     So which do I prefer, .. ear hooks or ear fins? I  definitely like the stability of ear hooks. Ear fins did work for a while.. but if you have the wrong size in your ear... it'll hurt, or they'll continuously pop out of place.
    Battery power is amazing. I ran with the QY11s for 13 miles..or two hours straight. I checked them later and they still had 90% battery life.

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